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Introducing myself.

Introducing myself. published on Geen reacties op Introducing myself.


My name is Saskia and although I have blogged about crochet and knitting in the past, I haven’t done so these last few years. So I thought it would be good to start with a short introduction.

I am Saskia from the Netherlands, I am 39 years old and I love to knit, crochet and dye wool.

I learned to crochet and knit when I was just a little girl, but 11 years ago I learned myself to crochet again by watching You Tube videos. 😊 Now I knit and crochet intermittently but this last year I have been crocheting mostly.

My favourite fiber to knit or crochet with is hand dyed wool, I also love to dye my own wool. I did spin for a while as well but found that next to my family, my job, my other hobbies and crocheting and knitting, I just never really got around to spinning.

The thing I enjoy the most about working with yarn is the calming effect is has. I have read about people that compare knitting and crochet to meditation and yoga. I can imagine because it does help me unwind. I can get overwhelmed quickly and with a busy household that can be a challenge.
I can confirm that knitting or crocheting has helped me during some trying times. 😊If you have been following me on Instagram you will know that I am a huge fan of colour. So most of my colours are bright and colourful.

I do have some other hobbies like hiking with my family and dogs, playing board games, playing computer games, painting and drawing and watch Detective, Sci-fi and Fantasy films and series.

I plan to share my crochet and knitting adventures here. This also includes sharing some old patterns I designed and maybe also some new ones. But enough about me for now.




See ya!


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