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Temperature blanket 2021: The Primrose blanket.

Temperature blanket 2021: The Primrose blanket. published on Geen reacties op Temperature blanket 2021: The Primrose blanket.

What is a temperature blanket you ask, well let me explain it to you. 😊

A temperature blanket is a knitted or crocheted blanket that you can work on every day throughout the year. The colours you use correspond with the temperature outside. So the idea is to work one row/ square/ hexagon etc. every day. Or week if you want. There is no format or stitch pattern you have to follow, just use your imagination!

So the trick is to select colours and assign them to temperatures. For instance from 0 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius is dark blue. The more colours you use, the more variation you get in the blanket. In a climate with 4 seasons like ours you can make a cool colour gradient throughout the year.

So on January 2nd, I had just received some yarn for another project and I ordered some extra colours because I wanted to crochet a colourful blanket with Stylecraft Special DK again. Not quite sure what kind of blanket to make so I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a lot of posts of finished temperature blankets of 2020 and a lot of newly started blankets for 2021 and I thought it would be nice to make my first temperature blanket! A new cast on is always exciting but this year I could really use something to lift me up.

In 2020 I made a crochet blanket with fingering weight, hand dyed yarn. It turned out to be awesome and I will make a blog post on that blanket soon! But that blanket did take me 6 months to finish… Because of the seperate squares and light weight yarn it was a time consuming project. It took me 3 weeks to sew together too, which was fun but did test my patience a bit. 😊 After that the idea of a square, row or hexagon a day really spoke to me. So even if I worked on other projects, I would also finish this blanket and after a year I would be able to enjoy a new addition to my stack of blankets. 😊

So after deciding that it wasn’t very difficult to choose the kind of blanket I wanted to make. In 2010 I had designed a hexagon and I had been thinking of using that hexagon again for quite a while. I picked the colours I wanted to use, a rainbow of course, and made a chart with the yarn and corresponding temperatures.

Then I started to experiment with the yarn.  I could never think of the flower that this little hexagon reminded me of, but while making the first hexagon it came to me; the heart shaped petals look like petals from Primroses. So I had a name for the blanket!

I use a notebook to write down all the temperatures so I can keep track of them and if I’ll make another temperature blanket next year it will be nice to see the difference in temperatures. 😊

Did you know that I have never used a white or cream coloured border in any of my blankets? Way out of my comfort zone too, but I thought it would make the colours pop and I’m happy I did!

For the blanket to become square I need to make 368 hexagons so I added a creamy Start hexagon and I’ll repeat this in the middle of the year and after the last day. I will try to post a weekly update on my Instagram.

This was the progress I made until last Saturday:

I will share the pattern of this blanket with you in my next blog post.

See ya!





Introducing myself.

Introducing myself. published on Geen reacties op Introducing myself.


My name is Saskia and although I have blogged about crochet and knitting in the past, I haven’t done so these last few years. So I thought it would be good to start with a short introduction.

I am Saskia from the Netherlands, I am 39 years old and I love to knit, crochet and dye wool.

I learned to crochet and knit when I was just a little girl, but 11 years ago I learned myself to crochet again by watching You Tube videos. 😊 Now I knit and crochet intermittently but this last year I have been crocheting mostly.

My favourite fiber to knit or crochet with is hand dyed wool, I also love to dye my own wool. I did spin for a while as well but found that next to my family, my job, my other hobbies and crocheting and knitting, I just never really got around to spinning.

The thing I enjoy the most about working with yarn is the calming effect is has. I have read about people that compare knitting and crochet to meditation and yoga. I can imagine because it does help me unwind. I can get overwhelmed quickly and with a busy household that can be a challenge.
I can confirm that knitting or crocheting has helped me during some trying times. 😊If you have been following me on Instagram you will know that I am a huge fan of colour. So most of my colours are bright and colourful.

I do have some other hobbies like hiking with my family and dogs, playing board games, playing computer games, painting and drawing and watch Detective, Sci-fi and Fantasy films and series.

I plan to share my crochet and knitting adventures here. This also includes sharing some old patterns I designed and maybe also some new ones. But enough about me for now.




See ya!


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